Make me wholly Thine

Sometimes it seems that
I have no room in my heart for You.
But then You touch me
And soften me to turn to You.
  Recover my heart,
Rekindle my love for You.
Fill me with love
Eternally, ever new.
Make me wholly Thine.
Lord, I long to
Empty myself of all but You;
Give You my best love,
Preeminence in all I do.
I want to love You
With all my heart and all my soul.
I want no other,
I give myself to be Yours alone.

Singapore, Singapore

Lord, I confess that 'I have no room in my heart for Thee.' I need You to touch me, nourish me, soften my heart so that You can make me wholly Thine.

Crystal Goh

Riverside, CA, United States

I love this song, full of tenderness and grace, everlasting peace, so sweet! May the Lord be with everyone in all our days!



God recover us always, whatever our situation is....

As what the hymns says that He make us wholly Thine... Praise The Lord.


Oh Lord Jesus! I love You... amen...I love this song because it reminds me to consecrate or to give myself to the Lord for the rest of my life... Lord, teach my heart to love only You. Lord Jesus I am only Yours alone...Lord, I want to give my life, myself and my whole future only You.. Lord I love You!


i like this song... because the Lord always recovering my heart.. whenever i heard the song.. it reminds me that God is faithful.. and He is always here to recover our entire being...AMEN!!!!!!!!!

Chay Dionco

Sta. Maria, Bulacan, Philippines

This song sings out the melody in my heart. It speaks of my experience and consecration...Our heart needs to be guarded all the time.

Even in my college days, and my full-time training days I've always been renewed through consecration hymns and messages.

Now that I am working, I experience that sometimes I miss the Lord...I miss our intimate fellowship...

I don't want my work to occupy my first love...I always remember that I am enslaved by His love to serve Him in His Body and that HE is my Master and my whole being is entirely HIS!

I love Him more and more. I pray that His love will make me wholly Thine!