Make me wholly Thine

Sometimes it seems that
I have no room in my heart for You.
But then You touch me
And soften me to turn to You.
  Recover my heart,
Rekindle my love for You.
Fill me with love
Eternally, ever new.
Make me wholly Thine.
Lord, I long to
Empty myself of all but You;
Give You my best love,
Preeminence in all I do.
I want to love You
With all my heart and all my soul.
I want no other,
I give myself to be Yours alone.

Walnut, CA, United States

Lord, sometimes I really don't have no room in my heart for You, but You always touch me. Lord, recover my heart, rekindle my love for You all the time. Fill me with Your love. I need You, Lord Jesus!

Jovane Del Rosario

San Jose Del Monte, Bulacan, Philippines

Lord, recover me from all the things other than You. I need Your love. Fill me with Your love, Lord. I am willing to open myself so that You can work within me. Make me wholly for You.


Calgary, Alberta, Canada

Oh Lord recover my heart rekindle my heart for You!! Lord I just love You. I want to be wholly Thine!


San Juan, M.M., Philippines

Lord, no matter what the situation is, always keep my heart open and soft toward You, to give You the best love, and to give You all the preeminence in all I do. Lord, gain my heart always and make Your home in it. Lord Jesus, I really love You!


Pasig, Philippines

Oh, Lord, recover my heart, rekindle my love for You!! I just want to love You with my first and best love. I love You, Lord. Amen.

Rita Amanya

Kampala, Uganda

I want to love You

With all my heart and all my soul.

I want no other,

I give myself to be Yours alone.

Winnie Ding

California, United States

Right when I was about to give up, this song started playing in my head. I went to search it up on and I found it. It was so hard to turn back to the Lord this week, but now, my eyes have really opened and I feel so much better. The Lord has really touched me and I enjoy being in His presence.

David Lee

United States

The Lord really touched me with this hymn. It really speaks of my experience in my Christian walk with the Lord. Many times I feel like I no longer have any room for the Lord and am too preoccupied with other things in my heart. But praise the Lord that He can rekindle our love for Him and day by day make us wholly thine for Him!

Lover Of Christ

South Cotabato, Philippines

Praise Him for He is the longing in our hearts that we may rekindle our best love for Him. Until we become wholly Thine... Hallelujah!

emarden p. octo

Pagadian City, Zamboanga Del Sur, Philippines

Oh, Lord Jesus! We must take Christ in everything! He is all-inclusive! He is the good land that we are enjoying now. Hallelujah! We must consecrate ourselves to Him every moment! Amen! saints!