Oh, how we enjoy the blending

Oh, how we enjoy the blending,
With the saints along the way,
Singing, praising, and enjoying,
Fill our spirits ’til we say:
  Hallelujah for the blending!
It’s the way to live today.
So we’re standing and proclaiming,
“In the church is where we’ll stay.”
We see what God is recovering
What a sight it is to see!
What a treasure He is building,
It’s His Body corporately:
We’re so happy and so thankful
For this opportunity;
Thank You, Lord, You’ve been so faithful
To show all of this to me;
Denis Migadde

Kampala, Uganda

I praise the Lord for the sense of the Spirit behind this hymn first the first time I heard it was when I first had my most intimate blending with some of the saints within my locality and this was the next day after that type of blending. Since then that hymn means so much to me and I can testify that so much care for the blending for it is the only way for us to be built up in the Lord's recovery.