Lord, keep me from this evil and perverted age

Lord, keep me from this evil and perverted age;
Wholly sanctify my eyes—on You to gaze.
Satisfy my deepest part.
O Lord, preserve my heart.
Rescue me, Lord, from this dark world—it’s just display.
Shine in me, and show me, Lord, You are the way.
Nothing matches me but You.
Only Your life will do.
Lord, cause my love for You to grow in me each day.
Through this love, show me the world’s passing away.
Separate me unto You.
O Lord, my heart renew.
Don’t let me go; I’m here for You and this You know.
Day by day, Your life within me has to grow.
Though this world is so corrupt,
I can and do love You.
O Lord, become a river flowing out of me,
That the world may take a drink of You and see
That You are the only way,
The One reality.
Myla Rodriguez Francisco

Cabanatuan City, Nueva Ecija, Philippines

Thank You Lord Jesus for everything...

Keep me and my family from this evil and perverted age..

Kevin Lee Poracan

Dipolog City, Zamboanga Del Norte, Philippines

Hallelujah, Lord keep me from this evil and perverted age!

Brod Bodoy Maca

Butan City, Agosan Del Norte, Philippines

thank you Lord. you save my life and I have recievd your life.... amen.


Athens, GA, United States

Does anyone know where I can find the lyrics for the song, "Since ages past, there's been a longing in God's heart"? It has the same tune as this song.


Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada

I am really encouraged by this song!!

Every time I sing it, I feel like I can focus on the Lord and forget about all the distractions around me~~

Instrumental (Guitar)