Now the Lord is the Spirit—that’s how

Now the Lord is the Spirit—that’s how
He can get inside of you right now.
It’s so easy to be filled with Him.
He’s made it really simple.
One, two, three—
That’s how easy it can be.
  O Lord! Amen!
That’s the way to let Him in.
Hallelujah! I love to hear it.
He who is joined to the Lord is one spirit.
Now the Lord is the living air;
You can breathe Him in anywhere—
Anytime of day, whenever you please.
He’s made it really easy.
O Lord! Amen!
Let’s sing it again.
Now the Lord lives inside of me.
And He’s filling me constantly.
Yes, He’s filling up every gap.
He makes me really happy.
I’m so happy!
Hallelujah! Taste and see!
Daniel Frownfelter

Lakewood, CA, United States

It's so easy.. Taste and see. O Lord amen sing it again. What a great truth that the Lord is the spirit joined to our spirit.. This song new and fresh this morning


Houston, Texas, United States

Hallelujah! Taste and See!


He who is joined is one SPIRIT! 1 Corinthians 6:17

Derrick D Milner Sr

Chicago, IL, United States

Now that's the way it is, the Lord is the Spirit, and Love is the Spirit ☝️


Dawn Citto

Cape Town, Western Cape, South Africa

Amen, NOw the Lord is the Spirit thats How!!

Hallelujah Taste & SEE!!

The Lord makes me really happy, I'm so happy



Oh Lord amen, that’s the way to let Him in!

Eilliw Sphabmixay

San Diego, California, United States

Oh Calling on His name. Thats the way to let Him in. Let's be joined to the Lord as one spirit. Brothers and Sisters, we are blended as one through the mingling of the spirit. Lord Jesus we love you!

We love the church life! Eating, drinking, and breathing Jesus!

Tim Ou

Austin, Texas, United States

Oh Lord, amen!

Yesenia Denise Villarreal

San Marcos, Texas, United States

Oh Lord! 🙏🏽 amén that’s the way we let Him in!!

Samuel Yu

Austin, TX, United States

Let's sing it again!