God’s economy and His eternal plan

God’s economy and His eternal plan,
His heart’s desire and intention is to be one with man.
Yet man has failed completely throughout all history.
But hallelujah! Praise the Lord! God’s life is now in me.
Now this life in me is flowing as the river of water of life,
Washing away all my sins, my cares, and all my strife.
This life is overcoming situations in my day.
Hallelujah! Praise the Lord! For this is what I pray:
  Lord Jesus, I love You!
I give You the preeminence in what I do.
Enjoying You is the overcoming way.
Thank You for Your recovery; Your Word we will obey.
Thank You for our situations and the environments we are in.
That we’d turn to You in all things, and turn away from sin.
We’d drop all our anxieties and put our trust in You.
And experience this living One whose life is ever new.
Now the church life is so precious with all the saints so dear.
Enjoying all Your riches, our vision is so clear,
That all would prophesy of Christ from what they’ve seen,
According to Your scripture in First Corinthians fourteen.
Mercy Grace Cabural

Iligan City, Philippines

Amen!!! Praise the Lord for His intention, that is to be one with man. He accomplished it through the processes that He had passed through. We are now one with Him in life and in nature.