Lord, I love You more and more each day

Lord, I love You more and more each day.
Lord, I love You more this very day.
I can’t live without You anymore.
I can’t make it like I did before.
Oh, those years when I was void of You.
Lord, You rescued me when I was through.
When I reminisce those other years,
Emptiness, heartaches, and many tears.
  Lord, I do love You more everyday.
Lord, I do love You much more this very day.
Oh, that thirst that gnawed me deep within:
Drove me seeking satisfaction.
Oh, the many things that I have tried:
Left me thirsting and dissatisfied.
In this endless search for something new,
All the time this cry was just for You.
I was blind in trying many things
’Til I drank You as my living Spring.
Lord, You came and filled my inmost  being.
You’re the sweetest satisfaction.
You’re the Spirit as my everything,
Spirit in my spirit bubbling.
Thank You, Lord, for coming into me.
Now You’re spreading in me constantly.
Lord, You’re making home in all my heart,
As my treasure filling every part.

Koronadal, South Cotabato, Philippines

Lord thank You so much for coming into my life. You have been my strength and forever will be. Lord thank You for Your love that constrains me. Yes, Lord I love You! You are my life Lord Jesus!

a sister

Lord, for all that You've done it just makes us love You even more. When a tear comes in our eyes, You put a smile on our faces. Oh how precious You are dear Lord each day. You're getting sweeter each day Lord!

tes gan

Manila, Philippines

sometimes my love for the Lord gets colder , this song reminds me to love Him more and more each day , and also to my frined who drifted away , that he Lord's love never fades away , it's always there for you and me.


Subang, Selangor, Malaysia

lord u came and filled my inmost being..you're the sweetest satisfaction..you're the spirit...and my everything...i do love you more and more each day..^@^ :] (:

Roger Gentry

Phoenix, AZ, U.S.A.

After reading the notes left by my brothers and sisters, I was so encouraged just knowing the mutual love we all have for our glorious Lord, Thankyou so much. Also, these songs do really melt the heart. Praise the Lord!


Chicago, IL, U.S.A.

This is a touching song with a beautiful melody. It is a song full of gratitude and appreciation of the Lord's love.

This is exactly how I feel listening to this song. The Lord seeks me out even when I drifted away to seek other things in those past years. His love is conquering yet so fine.

"Lord I love you more and more each day, Lord I love you more this very day... All those years when I was void of you, Lord you rescued me when I was through."

"All those things that I have tried, left me thirsty and unsatisfied... till I drink you as my living spring."

"Lord I do love you, much more this very day."

There are no more appropriate words than what have already been said in this song.

Thank you for making home in our hearts, I have no ability to love You without You making home in my heart this very day.


I love Him and He loves us. I love it becuz I love it. Jenni 7


Lord, we love You more and more each day...


BC, Canada

I like this song because I like it.


New York, U.S.A

I have been enjoying the Lord soooo much in the recent days. Nothing extraordinary, just normal days in His presence. Really learning the lesson of submission by not standing with my natural man but with Him on the throne for His interest. However, something happened to cause me to get into my mind, and I just could not shake it off so I decided to play the jukebox from this website and this song came on and just melted my heart. This has really been my experience. It just gave me an fresh appreciation toward the Lord and "how He rescued me when I was through". Praise the Lord! He is our Living Spring Who quenches all our thirst. Oh what sweet satisfaction! Lord I do love you, more and more each day.