Where have you laid Him, my Jesus?

Where have you laid Him, my Jesus?
Where have you put Him, my precious Lord?
There are His grave clothes, but He’s not there.
Where is my Jesus, my lovely One, where is He?
  Lord, I can’t forget
Since the day we first met.
All my heart belongs to You.
I just love You, just You,
Just love You.
Jesus, my dear Lord, I love You.
I can’t go on Lord, without You.
I’m sick of love, my soul has failed;
I need You Jesus, my Beloved, I love You.
Mary, My seeker, I am alive.
Stop, do not touch Me, as I have not
Yet ascended to the Father,
For this freshness is for the Father’s enjoyment.
My dear Rabboni, my heart’s desire,
You have risen out of the grave.
O Lord, I love You, my dearest One.
You’ve truly risen from among the dead.
  Dear Rabboni,
Lord, I can’t believe it’s You!
I don’t know how this could be
But I enjoy You here.
I love You!
O Lord, my heart is filled with ecstasy
In resurrection, to be here with Thee.
I am elated, beside myself.
Jesus, I’ll love You with all my heart, forever.
Go tell my brothers you have seen Me.
Tell them the words which I speak to you:
I must ascend to My Father
And to your Father, and to My God
   and to your God.
  I have found my Love,
He has risen from the dead.
Now our Jesus is alive.
I have seen Him, seen Him!
I love Him!
Jesus, we love You with all our heart.
Our Love, we need You so desperately.
O Lord, we love You immensely.
We will be loving You for all eternity.


Oh Lord Jesus we just love You!

Wayne Johnson

Grants Pass, Oregon, United States

I wrote this song 30 some years ago. Howard listened to it, commented it needed something, and he wrote the chorus tune and words. Imagine, here was a woman, in a graveyard, very early in the morning. She was grieving the loss of the One she loved the most. Then, suddenly, there He is, standing there speaking with her. One moment she was in exceeding sorrow, the next moment, she was in exceeding rapture, being with the One she loves. What words could ever convey what she was experiencing. One day I was in quiet prayer over these versus in John 20, and it was as if I was again experiencing the joy she experienced, and, I wrote down these words and the melody flowed to me on the piano. One must remember that experiencing the Lord, it is altogether firstly a matter of prayer, the spirit, and God's word, mingled together as one. If we simply try to experience the emotions of love, or being 'beside oneself, it will not happen. We should not seek an emotional experience, but just as Mary did, seek the Lord Himself, His person. Every morning, early, I am still a seeker and lover of Jesus, and, each morning early, I meet with Him. And I am very happy and glad to say, He is still just as sweet and real today, even this morning, as the day which I wrote this song.

Khang Ernawati


How sweet this song. ^^ Lord Jesus I love You. Amen.


Pleasant Prairie, WI, United States

The lyric "beside myself" challenges me. I want to be "beside myself" and feel I am not legally able.

I'm going to try anyway. Cain slew Able, and better to risk a caning than to give up the chance of knowing the emotion I seek (again).