Thank You, Lord, You died for me

Thank You, Lord, You died for me.
You took my place upon the tree.
All my sins were laid on Thee;
You bore them all away...
I was just an enemy,
Lost and sold to sin.
But You came to shed
Your blood for me,
You the One with no sin!
Many plotted to kill You,
Judas he betrayed You.
Disciples, they forsook You,
False witnesses were hired.
Then Peter, he denied You,
Three times in one night.
An illegal trial condemned You.
How we afflicted You!
They smote You with their palms,
And spit into Your precious face.
Buffeting and mocking,
They led You away!
Pilate and Herod
Sent You back and forth.
Then the soldiers, they scourged You
And made a crown of thorns.
With a reed, they beat Your head,
Pressing the thorns much deeper.
Stripping You, they nailed You
Up on a cross of wood.
In front of You, they gambled
For Your clothes and seamless coat.
All the people passed, despising You.
Then God forsook You too!
The two thieves on either side,
As they hung, reviled You.
Though You were dead, a soldier
Still would pierce Your side.
Blood and water poured out,
Out from Your broken heart.
That same blood and water saved me!
Lord, how I love You!
When I see the price You paid,
You chose to pay my every debt!
Willingly, You bore such shame
And tasted death for me!
How could I ever love the world
That crucified You, dear One?
I am not my own, bought with a price.
I give myself to You!
David Polezhaev

Anahiem, California, United States

Amen sisters


Riverside, CA, United States

I have enjoyed this song since I was a YP in Long Beach. It always causes me to love, thank, worship and consecrate myself freshly to my dear Lord.