Jesus is Jehovah the Savior

Jesus is Jehovah the Savior.
Emmanuel, He is God with us and He is the King.
Baptizer, the Teacher, the Light,
Healer, the Forgiver and He’s our Bridegroom.
  He’s the Shepherd and He’s the Friend,
The Wisdom and the Rest.
He’s the greater Temple
And the real David.
Lord! He’s the Lord of the Sabbath.
Jonah and Solomon — He’s the greater One.
Sower, He’s the Seed and the Feeder,
Bread: the crumbs under the table He is.
  The Christ, the Son of the living God,
He’s the Rock for the church.
And He is the Builder of,
The Builder of the church.
Founder of the Kingdom He is.
Moses and Elijah — the present One of these two.
The Head of the cornerstone.
The Lord, the resurrected One He is.
  As such a One He is
The One with authority,
The ever-present One to His
People in resurrection.
Sophia Chan

San Francisco, CA, United States

How rich Christ is in the book of Matthew!



Praise the LORD!!

Jijing G. Manon-og

Oroquieta City, Philippines

Praise the Lord He is still Preserving us in the Proper church life.


Dunn Loring, VA, U.S.A.

I love its melody. The lyric complement well with it too.