O God of glory

O God of glory,
You’ve changed my destiny.
Oh Lord, Your mercy
In love appeared to me.

O God of glory,
You have attracted me!
My heart responds to Thee
And turns spontaneously.
  O God of glory,
You have appeared to me.
Dear Lord, Your beauty,
My God, has captured me!
In darkness once I groped,
A person with no hope.
But light in darkness shined,
My heart enlightened.

You came to me as Light
And shattered all my night.
Your glory, what a sight!
You made me, Lord, so bright.
To You my heart was drawn,
It wasn’t on my own.
Your beauty made me turn
And caused my heart to burn.

You touched my hardened heart
And softened every part.
I saw Your shining face.
Now nothing can erase.
I couldn’t, Lord, believe,
But, Lord, You still appeared.
Your life in me conceived,
Dear Lord, I now believe.

You called not being as being
In me conceiving.
Your life transfusing,
I’m now reacting.
  O God of glory,
You’re now my story.
Dear One, I can’t refuse!
By You, I’ve been transfused.
Like father Abraham,
To You, dear Lord, he ran.
Your glory has infused,
Dear Lord, we can’t refuse.

You came to fallen man
As, Lord, the Great I Am.
In us dispensing
The blessing to mankind.

Yuen Long, Hong Kong

O God of glory,

You’re now my story.

Dear One, I can’t refuse!

By You, I’ve been transfused

Amen Lord Jesus thank you for tranfusing yourself into us.


Lagos, Nigeria

O God of glory, Your beauty made me turn and caused my heart to burn. You are now my story. Dear One, I can't refuse, I just can't refuse, by You I've been transfused.


WA, United States

Thank the Lord for the dear hymns by our brother Howard. Praise you our Lord Jesus Christ- THE God of glory.

Uchechukwu Odo

Lagos, Nigeria

Our God is full of glory. How we recall where we were so full of darkness and we had one environment and one final destination. We lived in death and were destined for death and without any hope inthe drunkeness of this world. Then, hallelujah, in comes God and not in an ordinary way but full of light and so beautiful. what does He comes doing : attracting, loving, dispensing and transfusing. Hallelujah for the God of glory!!!!!! He does not stop there He goes on further to become the expression out of us and makes us glorious (The glory is His). How grateful we are to have such a wonderful destiny. Hallelujah!!!

Sandy Williams

Brampton, ON


The God of Abraham is the God of glory. Stephen told us that when Abraham was called by God in Ur of the Chaldees, God appeared to him in glory as the God of glory (Acts 7:2-4a). God's glory is God Himself expressed. If God hides Himself, there is no glory. If God appears, if God is expressed, that is glory. God's glory in His appearance might imply a kind of splendor, bright and shining.

The God of glory in His first appearing to Abraham with His first calling and His first speaking was as a vast magnet and great motivation to Abraham, which moved him to come out of the country of satanic idolatry (Gen. 11:31). No one could stand against such an appearing, calling, and speaking.

Abraham was attracted, but Genesis shows us that he did not answer God's call in an absolute and willing way. It was not Abraham that took the lead to initiate leaving the world of idolatry. His father took the lead, and he followed. Actually, though, God was the magnet and motivation which moved Abraham to come out of the country of satanic idolatry. Abraham would not have made this move if God had not come to him as the God of glory. That drew him, attracted him, and motivated him.

The History of God in His Union with Man, p. 93.


Kampala, Uganda

O God of glory, You are now my story, dear One I can't refuse, by You I have been transfused. I enjoy this hymn. It states the beginning, the present and the future. Lord, You have attracted me, my heart responds for sure, Thy love has captured me.


Cagayan De Oro City, Misamsi Oriental, Philippines

I am very much impressed how the Lord of glory has changed my destiny by transfusing Himself into me. What a glorious fact! I love to remain in Him and be mingled with His glorious presence till I will be manifested with Him in glory when He comes. Amen!

Nathan Anderson

United States

God truly is so full of glory. Wonderful song.


It reminds me that the Lord Himself change our destiny, He changes it for our good and be used by Him not only that but also be the same as He in life and in nature but not in the Godhead. Amen.

Wanda Gavin

Illinois, U.S.A.

I found this song by chance, I think. smile!! maybe destiny.... it blessed me because it was so simple yet so profound. It, like all music can minister to different storms in our lives and bring us peace in the midst of the turmoil...thank you for this site.