God’s kingdom is God’s reigning

Br.Jeff Hall

The Church In Worcester, Massachusetts, United States

What a glorious Event..... The coming of the Kingdom of God brought in by the corporate Body with Christ as the Head, ruling and reigning over the entire inhabited earth. May all God's many Sons make ready and overcome this Sin infested world!

Joe Syh

Shreveport, LA, United States

Lord, may Your kingdom come, may Your will be done here on the below as on the above. Lord, thank You for watching and reigning over the world chaotic situation today. We continue our prayers to bring You back.

Brent Snyder

Tacoma, WA, United States

Oh reign in us oh Jesus...

God reigns, and with His purpose

Brings everything in line.

God’s headship and His Lordship

He only can maintain

As King within His kingdom,

O’er everything to reign.