The work is Thine, O Christ our Lord

The work is Thine, O Christ our Lord,
  The cause for which we stand;
And being Thine, ’twill overcome
  Its foes on every hand.
Yet grains of wheat, before they grow,
Are buried in the earth below;
All that is old doth perish there
To form a life both new and fair:
So too are we from self and sin made free.
Through suff’ring Thou, O Christ, didst go
  Unto Thy throne above,
And leadest now the selfsame way
  Those true in faith and love;
So lead us, then, though suff’rings wait,
To share Thy kingdom’s heav’nly state;
Thy death has broken Satan’s might,
And leads the faithful to the light;
Eternal light, from darkness into light.
Thou hast, O Savior, led the way
  Through agony and death;
O give, we pray, yet more and more
  Thy Spirit’s living breath!
Send messengers o’er land and sea
To bring Thy children all to Thee;
Thy name can save, Thy name makes free;
We consecrate ourselves to Thee
As servants true, as warriors brave and true.
Istifanus Ariko

Kaduna., Nigeria

''The work is thine... ''not ours, we have nothing to boast about but as servants -labourers to the Lord himself who have bought us for himself with precious price!

'' The work is Thine, O Christ our Lord,

The cause for which we stand... ''

Istifanus Ariko

Kaduna, Nigeria

Since when I stumbled into this hymn, myself and my children have become so enthusiastic, getting inspired every day!


God bless