When you suffer Satan’s temptings

When you suffer Satan’s temptings,
  Pow’rs of darkness gather ’round.
Devils urge you much to slacken,
  That a crown may not abound,
  Soldier, stand by grace empowered,
  Mindful of th’ascended Lord.
Jesus surely conquered Satan;
  Bravely wield the Spirit’s sword.
Though your friends shrink back and tremble,
  One with Satan silently,
Neighbors ridicule, reviling,
  Siding with the enemy,
When the world shows ease and pleasure,
  Sets for you a blissful net,
When you face vainglory’s offer,
  When you stumble, faith forget,
When the family’s load is heavy,
  Naught of natural strength avails,
Suffering losses inward, outward,
  Even labor’s profit fails,
Soon the battle will be over,
  Satan’s forces will be turned.
Soon the Church will hear the trumpet,
  Glory and triumph is earned.
Now the King returns in triumph,
  Rules the world by God’s decree;
Now all nations bow before Him,
  Praising Jesus reverently.