We praise Thee, Lord, for Thy great plan

Sonny Seria

Regina, Saskatchewan, Canada

Stanza 8

Then we shall be Thy Bride beloved

Together in Thy chamber abide

Enjoy the fullness of Thy love

How Thou wilt then be satisfied!

God likens His chosen people to a spouse for His satisfaction in love.

In Revelation 2 and 3 the Spirit speaks to the churches, but in Rev. 22:17 the Spirit and the bride speak together. The churches will consummate the New Jerusalem, the bride of Christ as His counterpart.

Rev. 21:2 - And I saw the holy city, New Jerusalem, coming down out of heaven from God, prepared as a bride adorned for her husband.

... The final sign, which is also the greatest, is the New Jerusalem, signifying the composition of the totality of God’s redeemed saints throughout the generations, who have been regenerated, transformed, and glorified. It is not a material, lifeless city but a corporate living person as the bride, having Christ, such a wonderful person, as her husband. Footnotes 2, Rev. 21:2


Break all the natural life for us,

Deal Thou with each peculiar way,

That we no more independent be

But with all saints are one for aye.


Glory Jung

Anaheim, CA, United States

A land whose stones are iron...


El Monte

What a wonderful hymn

Glory Jung

Anaheim, CA, United States

Without stones for building and without iron, copper, and bronze for fighting, God's purpose cannot be fulfilled.

Juanito de Guzman

Montreal, Quebec, Canada

Amen, we give ourselves to You always.

Daniel Yoeono

Pleasant Hill, CA, United States

After the loss of Rachel, the birth of Benjamen came the loss of Joseph. After the initial shock, inwardly Jacob ponders situation because no closure. Pain when thought about Joseph. Cause me to reach maturity long before the end of my life. Maturity is the last stage of maturity. Most useful years are between 60-80. Depths of a certain transaction. Pray to be prayed. When that loss happens, you will be ready.


Sacramento, CA, United States

Lord, I praise God's plan that makes us His home so we can be filled by His divine life and He can be dwelt.


Yoncalla, OR, United States

Thank You Lord for Your Life in us that will do it!!

Vinícius Leão

Macaé, Rio De Janeiro, Brazil

God's plan is wonderful. I'm so happy to be included in this plan.