God before the world’s foundation

God before the world’s foundation
  Chose the Church in Christ the Son,
That the Church might share the sonship,
  Holy, blameless, with Him one;
That the Church be His possession
  With the Spirit as the seal,
Of our heritage the earnest
  While His Son He does reveal.
To the throne Christ has ascended,
  Far above all rule and power;
God has made Him Head o’er all things
  To the Church, His Body here.
All in all He ever filleth,
  And His fulness is expressed
Through the Church, which is His Body
  And His image manifests.
We, once dead in our offences,
  Walking in the worldly course,
Lusts of flesh and mind fulfilling,
  Satan and his hosts their source,
God with Christ has resurrected,
  Seated in the heavenlies;
We, His masterpiece, created
  In Christ Jesus, Him to please.
Jews and Gentiles are one body—
  God His myst’ry has made known—
On apostles, prophets founded,
  Jesus Christ the cornerstone;
We in Him are built together
  For God’s dwelling manifest,
Fitly framed by God the Spirit
  For His pleasure and His rest.
In eternal ages purposed
  That His wisdom be made known,
Was the Church, His hidden myst’ry,
  Where the Son could make His home;
That the saints may all in spirit
  Apprehend His boundlessness,
Know His love which passes knowledge,
  All God’s fulness to possess.
One in body, hope, and Spirit,
  One in faith, one Lord, the Son,
One baptizing, with one Father,
  That the Church may thus be one;
Christ to know in all His fulness,
  Unto manhood be matured,
Ne’er by winds of doctrine carried,
  Nor by cunning men allured.
Many gifts the Lord has given,
  That His Body He may build,
That the saints may be perfected
  And their ministry fulfilled.
Thus we must put off the old man
  That we may put on the new;
Thus, renewed in mind and spirit,
  We will bear God’s image true.
Christ in love Himself has given
  That the Church be sanctified,
Without blemish, spot, or wrinkle,
  To become His glorious bride.
He does nourish her and cherish
  As a man his body treats;
He and she become one body—
  Thus the myst’ry very great.
Body, house, new man the Church is,
  Bride, and temple, and yet more:
She’s the army too which fighteth
  All God’s foe to triumph o’er.
She is clothed with all God’s armor,
  In His mighty strength is strong,
Standing in the Lord, resisting,
  With all prayers she fighteth on.

Copyright Living Stream Ministry. Used by permission.

James Smith

Mansfield, Ohio, United States

This hymn is like maple sap that has been boiled down to syrup. It is a sweet concentration. I believe it has been much overlooked.

James Smith

Mansfield, Ohio, United States

What a truth filled hymn written by one of God’s many lovers. I really like verse seven.

When I sing this hymn I remember the verse “Christ loved the church and gave Him self up for her”.

Samuel R. O.

Teresópolis, RJ, Brazil

This hymn follows the same melody as "Du hast mich, O Herr, errettet", that is , "Precious Savior thou hast saved me".


La Paz, Murillo, Bolivia

The Church is in the heart of God from eternity past. We are in the God's heart now! Oh Lord Jesus!

We, His masterpiece, created in Christ.

Jeff Hall

Sterling, MA, United States

Singing, reading and studying these lyrics helps you to see the full aspect of the church.

Amos Kimani

Naivasha, Nakuru, Kenya

Hallelujah, it is a very sweet hymn. It make apprehend what the Church is and the power bestowed in her. Christ as mystery of God, Spirit as the mystery of Christ and Church as mystery of Spirit of Christ. Come to the Church to know every mystery of God. Amen