Lord, You’ve raised love’s banner o’er us

Lord, You’ve raised love’s banner o’er us,
We enjoy Your feast of love;
As redemption’s work we ponder,
How our heart is deeply moved.
On the table are the symbols,
Bread and cup, Your love displayed;
Now as one we come to worship
And as one receive Your grace.
We recall how You descended,
As a slave You bore distress;
You were tested, often fasted,
With no place Your head to rest.
How You came, lost sinners seeking,
Suffering scorn and hunger’s pain;
Counting one repentant sinner
Fully worth the blood You shed.
We recall Your crucifixion,
God-forsaken, man-condemned,
You alone bought our redemption,
Boundless love exhibited.
Resurrected, You ascended,
At God’s right hand intercede;
As You’ve promised, You’ll accomplish:
Lord, come soon, our joy complete!