Jesus from the tomb has come

Jesus from the tomb has come,
Death to Him could do no harm;
Comforted let us remain,
And together praise His name.
Now redemption’s work is done,
All His foes He’s overcome.
Once for all our sins He bore,
Now He’ll suffer nevermore.
Hades, boulder, soldiers ’round,
None could harm or hold Him down;
Though He briefly suffered pain,
I eternal blessing gain.
He Who died must die no more,
Satan’s scheming days are o’er;
Empty tomb is all we see,
Soon all graves shall empty be.
From the grain of wheat that died,
Many grains were multiplied;
He no more alone abides,
All the church is at His side.
As His Body, with our Head,
To the heavens we ascend;
With Him buried, with Him soar,
Praise His name forevermore.

United States

Delighted to see and sing this hymn in English! Always thought this was a Chinese original, but not anymore.

"Empty tomb is what we see,

Soon all graves shall empty be." - what a simple yet powerful declaration of the Christian faith and the Christian hope of resurrection at the Lord's return! Would like to know the author of this hymn.