Pray to fellowship with Jesus

Andrea Benoit

Puyallup, WA, United States

I've been in such need of Peace - I read this morning in the Conclusion Messages by Witness Lee this excerpt: "The peace of God and the God of peace are one. When God is with us, peace is with us also. The genuine peace we enjoy is God Himself. The way to enjoy the God of peace is by praying to have fellowship with Him." This brought me to this wonderful hymn.


TN, United States

Thank You, dear Lord Jesus that praying is to fellowship with You. Keep us in a prayerful way all the days of our lives. May our hearts have face to face time with You every day.

Ann H.

Irvine, CA, United States

Amen Lord. Burden us to pray! Cause us to be impressed with Your intentions.


Arcadia, CA, United States


Anthony Peligrino

Tarlac, Philippines

Oh how sweet and love to fellowship and longing for His presence. We're stirred up when the prayer meetings is started. Praise the Lord and Shout His Glorious work... Amen... Thank You LORD.

Jennie Hsu

Newport Coast, CA, United States

I really enjoy this sweet hymn. Pray to fellowship with Jesus, fully open from within, with thy face unveiled, beholding , single, pure, and genuine. How wonderful we may enjoy the Lord this intimate way. He is our Savior, and He love us so much...

Tom Smith

Lake Forest, CA, United States

I have really enjoyed this hymn on fellowship with the Lord and am learning to fellowship with the Lord by applying the spiritual experiences contained in it. I have also posted my fuller appreciation for this hymn at

Nicky Caber

Mandaluyong City, Manila, Philippines

Amen. Truly that our prayer is the way to fellowship with our Lord Jesus, to seek the face of Him. Lord, cause us to have a prayer life until Your coming back. We love You so much Lord Jesus. "PRAYERLESSNESS IS A SIN." Lord keep us in Your fellowship. I love You Lord Jesus.