Lord Jesus Christ, we seek Thy face (Alternate Tune)

Lord Jesus Christ, we seek Thy face;
Within the veil we bow the knee;
Oh, let Thy glory fill the place,
And bless us while we wait on Thee.
We thank Thee for the precious blood
That purged our sins and brought us nigh;
All cleansed and sanctified to God,
Thy holy name to magnify.
Shut in with Thee far, far above
The restless world that wars below;
We seek to learn and prove Thy love,
Thy wisdom and Thy grace to know.
The brow that once with thorns was bound
Thy hands, Thy side, we fain would see;
Draw near, Lord Jesus, glory crowned,
And bless us while we wait on Thee.
Cyndy Pickersgill

Spruce Grove, Alberta, Canada

I love this old hymn. We sang it often when I was growing up. But we used a different tune than either of the ones suggested. It came into my thoughts as I was sleeping and I woke with just a phrase. I haven't heard it in probably 30 years. I was so thankful to be able to find it. The words are so beautiful.