The principle of incarnation

The principle of incarnation
  Is but the blend of God and man,
Both acting in cooperation
  To thus fulfill th’ eternal plan.
To God, the man is His expression,
  And man is of God’s life possessed;
The man is wholly God’s possession,
  And God thru man is thus expressed.
Redemption is accomplished fully
  In man, God’s wisdom thus to show;
Salvation is expounded wholly
  By man, that all creation know.
God’s service in this dispensation
  Requires that man should work with Him;
Thus God and man in close relation
  And joint dependence work therein.
It is not God Himself to labor,
  Nor man to try to serve alone,
But God and man to work together
  Each moment that His plan be shown.
The principle of incarnation
  To all our work we must apply,
To all our gift and operation,
  That we as one may serve thereby.

Copyright Living Stream Ministry. Used by permission.


California, United States

Praise the Lord for such a blending and cooperation between God and man--Working together in sweet mingling and joint dependence, so that God could labor alone no more and that we ourselves serve no longer individually but corporately with Christ and His Body! What a principle of incarnation this is!

We praise and thank You, dear Lord for Your eternal plan, and for creating us to become Your expression so that we could possess Your very life. You are our inheritance and we become Your possession. How we desire You to be expressed through us and in us even more now!

Concerning the Mingling of God and Man in Stanza 1 of Hymn #536 in Chinese

Leviticus 2:4 speaks of unleavened cakes of fine flour being mingled with oil. These unleavened cakes for the meal offering signify Christ. Fine flour signifies His humanity, and oil signifies the Holy Spirit, who is God Himself. The mingling of oil with fine flour therefore signifies the mingling of God and humanity. The "fine flour mingled with a fourth of a hin of beaten oil" in Exodus 29:40 also signifies this matter. Hence, the phrase the mingling of God and man in hymn #536 in Chinese is based on the words of the type in the Bible.

The criticizers say, "The phrase the mingling of God and man speaks of man being mingled with God, but what elements of man can be mingled with God? What does God lack that He needs man's elements to be mingled with Him? We can say that God is mingled with us, but we should not speak of the mingling of God and man." However, in the mingling of God and man, there is the aspect of man being mingled with God. God desires to have humanity, the God-created human elements of man, mingled with Him, just as He desires to have His uncreated divine elements mingled with man. God needs man's human elements, and God delights in having man mingled with Him as one. Hallelujah, God needs man! Hallelujah, God needs man to be mingled with Him! We need to have a complete and sufficient knowledge of this matter. It is illogical for the criticizers to say that we should only speak of God being mingled with man, but we should not speak of the mingling of God and man. The act of mingling is a mutual matter. How can God be mingled with us but we not be mingled with Him? How can oil be mingled with the fine flour but the fine flour not be mingled with oil? This is unreasonable!