Take the name of Jesus with you

Take the name of Jesus with you,
Child of sorrow and of woe;
It will joy and comfort give you,
Take it then where’er you go.
  Precious name! Oh, how sweet!
Hope of earth and joy of heav’n;
Precious name! Oh, how sweet!
  Hope of earth and joy of heav’n.
Take the name of Jesus ever,
As a shield from every snare.
If temptations round you gather,
Breathe that holy name in prayer.
Oh, the precious name of Jesus,
How it thrills our souls with joy;
All the favor of the Father
In this name we may enjoy.
At the name of Jesus bowing,
Falling prostrate at His feet,
Claim His vict’ry over evil
And the enemy defeat.

Owerri, Imo, Nigeria

The name of Jesus is my shield and my buckler, my ever present help in times of trouble.


Accra, Ghana

soo inspiring.. I always take the name of Jesus with him and things are working for me. To God be the glory.

Jerry H

Bentonville, Arkansas, United States

At 80, I can't always remember the names of Hymns, but I thought of the words, "precious name" an am so thankful. Those words came in mediation. It is such a blessing to read the WORD and "sing" to myself.

Eleazar Enyeazu

Owerri, Imo State, Nigeria

As I was having a time with God in days of personal prayer, and I was full of questions, asking, Where is that power that gave sight to Bartimeuas, the man that was born blind? Where is that power that restored to life the only son of the widow of Nain? Where is that power that the woman of issue of blood touched and declared "I am whole"? Where is that power that said to a woman with hunchback "woman thou art loosed"? Where is that power that silenced the storms, and the wind obeyed His voice? Where is the p...

Then I heard the voice of God said to me "THE POWER IS RAPPED IN THE NAME OF JESUS, TAKE IT TO WHEREVER YOU GO AND WHATEVER YOU DO, AND YOU SHALL SEE THAT POWER YOU ARE ASKING FOR" The he took me to this hymn, and I will never stop taking this name everywhere I go.

Joanne Krueger

Rochester, Minnesota, United States

I woke this morning singing this song.

Mathew Bamidele

Ibadan, Oyo, Nigeria

An inspiring song. When it seems am lonely. I remembered this song, I took the hymnal and open to Take the name of Jesus with you. God used it for me to restore my joy. Hallelujah.

Dale Primm

Munford, Tennessee, United States

My day goes so much better when I TAKE THE NAME OF JESUS WITH (me) EVERYWHERE (I) GO. JESUS is a precious name

He is so sweet.

Jesus is My Hope here on Earth. JESUS is my EXPECTATION my EXCITEMENT, anticipation of reaching HEAVEN.

He is all that THRILLS my Soul.

GLORY to His Name.

Susan Owings

Columbus, Georgia, United States

I sit here tonight on my hospital bed and my husband is across the room safely sleeping. I am on the cancer floor and here praying not only for me but all my loved ones who see me and fear for my health, and also pray for all here sick this night. Many are young and have sweet young families and many may not know our Jesus. I have been singing the original words and also these new words. I do know in times of joy or times of sadness to just say his name or to sing it might be better and He will lighten our way. Praise His Holy Name. Jesus is alive and in this room with me and everywhere I go. Take His Name with you and feel His love surround you.

John E Apeh

Anyigba, Kogi State, Nigeria

This hymn was my father's favourite during his lifetime. He became a Christian through the ministry of the Plymouth Brethren missionaries in Anyigba, Kofi State.

In the mid 1960s, while working at the farm, my father will be singing this hymn in Igala language published through the CMML Church. I would sing along with my father even though as a child I didn't know the full spiritual meaning until I became a Christian and subsequently called into the ministry of the Plymouth Brethren (CMML Church) in North Central Nigeria. I thank the Lord for sending missionaries who brought the gospel to my tribe. Through them, the Holy Bible and hymnbook were translated to my local language. Today we worship, sing and study God's Word. Praising the Lord as we sing about the wondrous love of Jesus Christ is a blessing. And we share the gospel, we take the name of Jesus Christ to those who have not heard of Him inword and songs like this hymn. Hallelujah!

Peter Kruse

Cherry Hill, NJ, United States

Meditating this morning on the Lord's Prayer: hallowed be Thy Name. What better way to uphold the Name than to sing His praise! His Name is Wonderful; Jesus Jesus Jesus, there's just something about that Name; and Take the Name of Jesus with you are the hymns of praise that stir my heart today.