The New Dawn, New Revival

Sun calls from eastern sky: With gladsome song, arise!
The healing rays of Christ the Sun awaken and revive;
As dew, descends His grace; my cold heart melts apace;
The shining of His loving face all idols dissipates.
  New dawn draws near, revival’s here;
I consecrate afresh today,
By Your life renewed, o’ercoming,
Till we see Your dear face.
In Him, keep deep’ning our roots; life blossoms, sends forth shoots;
Each morn, we rise, gain manna new, His word afresh pursue.
We offer ceaseless prayer, as simple lilies fair;
New wine and olive oil we bear, Christ’s glory to declare.
The Lord will surely restore the locust-eaten years;
By resurrection’s mighty pow’r, all failure disappears.
Appearing constantly, our Songs of Steps* He leads;
No care for earthly fame have we; we share God’s history.
Our worthless house of straw we build in vain no more;
We gather wood in one accord His dwelling to restore;
Clean homes, fling wide the doors; greet sinners from all shores;
Bring in the sheaves with shouts of joy, the flock lead to the Lord.
Revival’s law operates in cycles, night and day;
Rise, preach always, in every place, till earth resounds with praise.
The corp’rate God-man life, it’s heaven’s life on earth;
Oh, keep us, Lord, at every time still fresh till Your return.
(Note: Songs of Steps is another name for the Songs of Ascents in the Psalms.)
Don Bragg

State College, PA, United States

New dawn draws nesr, revival's here, I consecrate afresh today, by your life renewed, o'ercoming, till we see your fear face. What a marvelous hymn and it was the hymn writers experience. May it be ours as well.