Down from His throne, God’s Son descended

Down from His throne, God’s Son descended,
And all our human sorrows bore;
He gave His life-blood to redeem me,
Risen, as the Spirit, He’s my Savior, Christ my Lord.
  My Savior lives; He’s my hope of glory,
My spirit’s sparked, soul sanctified;
He makes my heart His home; His strength infuses,
Till His great love we know and as God’s fullness shine.
I’m in the Lord, regenerated,
Old things are gone; new are all things;
In love and light, the new creation,
What organic, rich salvation now the Spirit brings!
I love You, Lord, and yearn to follow,
Complete my course, my Lord to please.
Oh, make me faithful, joined in Spirit,
Till I’m part of Your victorious Bride, eternally.

Salem, OR, United States

So many wonderful hymns and sanctifying, uplifting songs! How they each encourage our hearts in different ways. The words speak with the music and the music says what the words cannot say until our spirit with our heart says, "amen." I appreciate the opportunity to say how much I feel indebted to these refreshing breezes of grace. Each song, each hymn, so blessed. This particular hymn encourages us until we reach the uttermost salvation.


Xangongo, Kunene