Our God and Father, we respond to Thee

Our God and Father, we respond to Thee
    As sons brought near,
Suited, in love and holy liberty,
    To this blest sphere.
O wondrous thought, that many there should be
Like Christ, for Thy delight eternally!
He, Thy delight, in whom we have our part,
    Through grace to share
Thy love for Him, the Object of Thy heart
    Beyond compare.
His glory in Thy presence now we see,
As with Him there in love’s complacency.
’Tis here He sings—what joy His heart doth find,
    Thyself to praise,
While many sons are stirred in heart and mind
    One voice to raise
In worship, God and Father, unto Thee,
Supreme, Thou Source in love’s economy!
Sister Ma


God and Father, we love Thee!




Frank Pytel

Chicago, Illinois

Our response in this hymn is not of our unworthiness as a sinner, but as one placed in the blessed sphere of the Son! The revelation of the Father and the Son in union, fellowship and eternal delight is overwhelming. Even more, for us to participate in THIS comes without words to describe our blessed place in Christ, the Son. May many responses of love come forth as we draw nearer to our Source, and kiss our loving Father in worship as sons!