O Lord, Thou art the Spirit now

Steward Carter

Columbus, North Dakota, U.S.A.

I experience the Spirit when I read or sing this hymn. "O Lord, Thou art the Spirit now that transforms us and satuates, and to Thine image true conforms and with Thy light illuminates." By touching the Spirit, my whole being is satuated with His divine life. I experience the conformation and the illumination individually. But this should be the experience of every normal Christian. So, the church by touching His Spirit should be satuated with the divine life and conformed to His image and illuminated by His light. Then, "O how divine and glorious" will the church be.

The last part of this hymn is a prayer. "Lord, teach me how to exercise my spirit now to contact Thee, that in thy Spirit I may walk and live by Thy reality."