Savior, lead me, this I pray

Ernesto Guerrero

Boca Raton, Florida, United States

Rom. 8:141, led—The leading by the Spirit is not outward but inward, and is composed of the law of the Spirit of life (v. 2), the Spirit (vv. 9-13), and life (vv. 6-11). This verse speaks of our being led by the Spirit rather than of the Spirit’s leading us, indicating that although the Spirit is ready to lead us, we must take the initiative to be led by Him. This means that we must take Him as our life and everything and that we must put to death everything of the old creation in us. We do not need to seek after the Spirit’s leading, since it is already present within us, dwelling in our regenerated spirit. If we live under this leading, we will walk and behave in a way that proves that we are God’s sons.


Toronto, Canada

Saviour lead me, Saviour lead me deeply in the stream of life, Saviour lead me in thy way, Saviour lead me this l pray. Thank You Lord

Dorrell Williams

Ocho Rios, Jamaica

My favourite song of all times. I need His leading at all points of my life; in whatever I am, in everything I do, wherever I go, may He govern the meditations of my heart. I cannot breathe without Him, I don't want to live without Him; it is in Him that I find my very state of existence. If Christ doesn't lead me, I don't want to be led!

Rosita Enriquez

Anaheim, CA, United States

Sometimes we are in darkness, BUT when He reigns in His might "all my darkness turns to light." Lord, we just have to walk in the light of life then we will cease from all our strife, lead us in the stream of life.