I am so glad that our Father in heav’n

I am so glad that our Father in heav’n
Tells of His love in the Book He has giv’n;
Wonderful things in the Bible I see:
This is the dearest, that Jesus loves me.
  I am so glad that Jesus loves me,
  Jesus loves me, Jesus loves me;
I am so glad that Jesus loves me,
    Jesus loves even me.
Though I forget Him and wander away,
Still He doth love me whenever I stray;
Back to His dear loving arms would I flee,
When I remember that Jesus loves me.
Oh, if there’s only one song I can sing,
When in His beauty I see the great King,
This shall my song in eternity be:
“Oh, what a wonder that Jesus loves me.”

Columbus, OH, United States

As a child growing up, one of the laws of Christian living we learned as Adventist youth (MV then and AY now), was to "keep a song in my heart". For me, this was a fundamental part of growing up. I love singing. Each day, the Lord awakens me with a song. This song was one of my waking songs this morning. Looking back at my life, the woes, sadness and joys, my mistakes, grevious sins and his faithfulness, notwithstanding my sinfulness, I truely believe that Jesus Loves me. I, therefore, "will serve him because I love him" - (another song).

Ponjolosun John Ola

Ibadan, Oyo, Nigeria

I was preparing for the song that can match today Bible Study, as I came to my Favorite Hymn Book (shape notes)

This song flashed to my heart and I decided that is the song I'm going to sing. So that I can get it better, I log on to the Internet to listen to the mp3

While I was listening to it, I remembered in the 70s, we use to listened to this song through Radio ELWA, Igbaja, Nigeria with many other songs like 'I want to be ready to walk in Jerusalem just like John'

May the grace of God be multiplied to this ministry for keeping these legacies for more generations.

Glory be to God on behalf of the song writer and the music composer.

Mike Onundi

Abuja, FCT, Nigeria

This is my late Dad best song, and I can remenber how he use to sing this song with passion, playing his keyboard, this made me fall in love with this song, and I completely forget about it since I join the Pentecostal church, I just stomp into my old hymnal book and I remenber his legacy, I just have to start teaching my son to pass the legacy on.

Jesus loves even me.

Ijeoma Achu

Abuja, FCT, Nigeria

Lately, I have been distressed about some issues of life. But reading through the Scriptures this morning, the Word of God in Romans Chapter 8 was so comforting; and verses 35-39 really nailed it for me.

This amazing song just popped up in my head to reaffirm Jesus's love for me. How true His Love for me is,. Amazing!!!!

Isaac Ogbonnaya

Kubwa, Abuja, Nigeria

Everything about me is shrouded in miseries.

My conception against Doctor's advice was the greatest of them all.

I was enrolled into primary school at 13 but that didn't hinder me from acquiring my degree. While in high school, I combined studies with painting. Today, to greater glory of God I am a proud owner painter companies. One of the best in the country. I AM SO GLAD THAT JESUS LOVES ME.

Njoke Stephen

Nigeria, Calabar, Nigeria

I love the love but it seems the lyrics is not complete and again I wish I could hear the song play while I follow the lyrics.

Sheila Owusu

Accra, Ghana

As I was solemly thinking of the wearies in my life and how things were not going as expected. This song pop up. I had to download and play it the whole day, then I found my happiness right there in the song. Indeed Jesus loves me.

Idowu Adefolaranmi

FCT, Abuja, Nigeria

Recently I drove from Abuja to Ibadan about 8hrs journey for a meeting. And along the journey, I begins to hear a strange noise from the car front Tyre about 2 hours to Ibadan and I pray that I just get to Ibadan. Unknown to me that the 5bolts of the Tyre of the front left tyre have all removed only to discover this on getting to Ibadan.

What came to mouth, was this very song I am so glad that Jesus loves me.... It has been one of my favorite songs.

Ephraim Aôr

Abuja, FCT, Nigeria

"Surely I have behaved and quieted myself, as a child that is weaned of his mother, my soul is even as a weaned child." Psalm 131:2. Sometimes we should just stay in His presence in quietness and enjoy His freshness over us. Don't say a word, but know deep down that He really really LOVES YOU. Then sing this hymn with that loving assurance "I am so glad that Jesus loves me, Jesus loves me, Jesus loves me, I am so glad that Jesus loves, Jesus loves even me. Hallelujah!

Joseph Osei

Alagbado, Lagos, Nigeria

Jesus Christ is my hope: I love this site God bless you.