Joys are flowing like a river

Joys are flowing like a river,
Since the Comforter has come;
He abides with us forever,
Makes the trusting heart His home.
  Blessed quietness, holy quietness—
  What assurance in my soul!
On the stormy sea He speaks peace to me.
    How the billows cease to roll!
Bringing life and health and gladness
All around, this heavenly Guest
Banished unbelief and sadness,
Changed our weariness to rest.
Like the rain that falls from heaven,
Like the sunlight from the sky,
So the Holy Ghost is given,
Coming to us from on high.
See a fruitful field is growing
Blessed fruits of righteousness,
And the streams of life are flowing
In the lonely wilderness.
What a wonderful salvation
Where we always see His face!
What a perfect habitation!
What a quiet resting place!
Onovo-Agbo David

Abuja, FCT, Nigeria

Oh, what blessed, comforting peace that He speaks to my soul amidst the raging tempests of life! Oh, what amazing assurance that He is ever near to quieten every threatening storm!

This old hymn is one of my all-time favourites, and it speaks deeply of God’s borderless love to us, His dear children. As the nations of the world grapple with a most devastating economic instability and realities have become nightmare to so many, there's still this inexplicable joy welling up in us knowing that the Lord cares and watches jealously over us!


Edidiong Udo

Uyo, Akwa Ibom State, Nigeria

Indeed there's an overflowing Joy like a river in my heart each day since I choose to followed Christ Jesus and have accepted Him to be my personal Lord and savior through water baptism. And also this songs keep reminding me of how important it is to have Jesus in me and how important it will be to be with him in heaven at the end of my journey here on Earth. I pray may God Almighty Grant us His grace to be with at the last day.. Amen 🙏.

Solomon Solence

Lagos, Festac, Nigeria

This is officially my anthem, my soul has been comforted

Onyedikachi Simon Ekwe

Onitsha, Anambra State, Nigeria

The holy spirit just reviewed the true meaning of this song, I'm blessed to have known the deepness of this song. Thanks to God for the wonderful inspiration.

Joshua Chinedu

Ehaamufu, Enugu State, Nigeria

I love this ❤️

May God Continue to inspire you all

Amen 🙏

Mofam Michael

Ogoja, Cross River, Nigeria

Thank you for truly bringing Life, Health and Gladness via sound medium... More Grace in your mission and ministry... Amen

Sir Obedience Simon

Bekwarra, Cross River State, United States

Am blessed by this wonderful presentation. may the peace of the Lord is raining in my life and all Christian bodies in Jesus name amen

Faith James

Uyo, Akawibom State, Nigeria

My burdens are rolled away, assurance of salvation restore, soul lifted blessed be de name of the Lord

Jude Nwaru

Owerri, IMO, Nigeria

Heavenly Father, let your peace reign in my family & home. Please Father, bring life and health and gladness all around me & my family. Graciously banished unbelief and sadness & change our weariness to rest, Amen!


Suleja, Niger, Nigeria

Gladens the heart.