The heavens God’s glory declare

The heavens God’s glory declare,
And the sky His work proclaimeth;
Day unto day their speech pours forth
To farthest reaches of the earth.
God’s attributes, eternal pow’r
By creation are thus made known;
Things human eyes can’t realize
By things He created are shown.
The living Creator of all
Did not leave Himself without witness,
With grace and harvest bounteous,
He fills our hearts with gladness.
Heav’n sends down rain, earth brings forth grain—
As bestowed from God, living, true;
Ye clothed, sustained, enjoying grace,
Be mindful of Him who made you.
The Lord of all heaven and earth,
Life and breath to all men giveth;
Their boundaries and seasons sets
That groping they might find Him yet.
God—hidden, unseen mystery—
Universal secret is He;
All men must learn, this truth discern,
Creation’s true meaning to see.
Creation shows something of God,
But ’tis not full revelation.
His person, image, only can
Be properly expressed through man.
Christ Jesus, God’s beloved Son,
Came to earth, a human became;
God’s very nature, all God is,
He constantly, fully displayed.
Mysterious Christ, marvelous!
God is manifest among us.
God infinite, in eternity,
Yet man in time, finite to be;
O Christ, mysterious, God in flesh,
Wond’rous news—God mingled with man!
As God yet man, He’d enter in,
Your blessed rich portion within.
God’s nature was hidden in Him;
He did manifest God’s image.
In flesh He has redemption wrought;
As Spirit, oneness with me sought.
Oh, God-man Christ, incarnate Word,
Bled and died to sinners redeem,
Rose from the grave, as Spirit came
To fill you, your life to be.

Copyright Living Stream Ministry. Used by permission.


Negros Occidental, Escalante, Philippines

I love all hymnal songs. I love Jesus.

I recently wrote a song entitled "The heavens declare the glory of God" (Chinese Supplemental Hymns, #3) that originally contained the words, "The universe contains the beauteous creation / With hundreds of thousands of shapes and colors," However, I deleted this line because I am not interested merely in nice-sounding words. We are dealing with the truth, and our hymns must contain the truth. What of the truth is in the line "The universe contains the beauteous creation / With hundreds of thousands of shapes and colors'? Romans 1:20 says, "The invisible things of Him, both His eternal power and divine characteristics, have been dearly seen since the creation of the world, being perceived by the things made, so that they would be without excuse," This is the truth. The Bible does not require us to publish beautiful literary works, and we must not get into that realm.