Jesus, our wonderful Shepherd

Jesus, our wonderful Shepherd
  Brought us right out of the fold
Into His pasture so plenteous,
  Into His riches untold.
  Glorious church life,
Feasting from such a rich store!
Here where we’re dwelling in oneness
  God commands life evermore.
In the divisions He sought us,
  Weary and famished for food;
Into the good land He brought us,
  Oh, to our spirit how good!
Jesus Himself is our pasture,
  He is the food that we eat;
We as His sheep are fed richly
  Each time, whenever we meet.
Dwell we here on a high mountain,
  Wet with the morning-fresh dew,
Slaking our thirst at the fountain,
  Water so living and new.
Christ is our rest and enjoyment,
  Here we have nothing to fear;
Here all the sheep dwell securely,
  Kept by His presence so dear.


God thanks for saving us, for sacrificing Your Son on the wood. Come into us, fill us up with Your fullness.

William Jeng

Irvine, CA, United States

Praise the Lord we are a part of this glorious church life!

He is so rich, but all of His riches must first be enjoyed by us in order for it to be expressed through the church. I appreciate seeing that God wants a group of people on the earth for His building, to express the fullness of His riches!

Angela Oliva

Irvine, CA, United States

Jesus is our wonderful Shepherd! Into the good land He brought us!

Daniel Smith

Fairborn, OH, United States

Jesus Himself is our pasture. ~John 10:9

Nelson Liu

Irvine, CA, United States

Hallelujah in this church life we can feast from such a rich store!!

Marife Lee

South Korea

Christ is our Shepherd, our pasture and our real rest and enjoyment!

Marife Lee

South Korea

I love this hymn. This reminds me how the Lord brought me out of the fold and brought me in the church into HIMSELF as the green pasture, my real rest and enjoyment!!!

Jose Rene

Doha,state Of Qatar, Batangas,philippines, Qatar

Amen. Christ is the real pasture. He is our enjoyment We need to enjoy Him day by day, moment by moment. Though I'm here in Qatar (as you all know, an Islam country), my heart seeks for Jesus. Praise the Lord, Amen. Hallelujah!

Numbers 23:21 says that God has not seen trouble in Israel. Here the word trouble means hard things, evil things that cause people to be troubled. This kind of trouble is even worse than iniquity. In the sight of God, there was neither iniquity nor trouble in His people Israel.

In the same principle, God does not see iniquity or trouble in the church life, because the church is in Christ. In Christ we have been chosen, redeemed, and saved from the bondage of the fall. Therefore, according to God's view, we have been brought out of the fall, out of condemnation, and out of ourselves. Therefore, we may say that in Christ the church life is glorious. The first line in the chorus of a hymn on the church (Hymns, #1221) speaks of the "glorious church life." Since the church life is glorious only in Christ, I suggest that we add the words "in Christ" at the end of this line and sing, "Glorious church life in Christ!" We may want to make a further adjustment and sing, "Glorious church life, in Christ but not in ourselves!" In ourselves the church life is not glorious, but in Christ the church life truly is glorious.

There is a hymn that speaks of the Lord Jesus as the One who brought us out of the fold and into Himself as the pasture:


The pasture is a place of tender grass; that is, a pasture is a place full of the supply of life. When sheep are in the pasture, they do not lack food. Today our pasture is the resurrected Christ as the life-giving Spirit. In our daily Christian life we should have the definite realization that we are in the pasture enjoying Christ as the rich supply of life.

There is a hymn which speaks of Jesus as the wonderful Shepherd who brought us out of the fold into the pasture that is so good to our spirit.


A flock is in the pasture during the daytime. In a similar way, if in our Christian experience we are in the pasture, we shall also be in the daylight. The brightest time for us is when we are in the spirit enjoying the pasture. But our darkest time is when we are in the flesh. When we are in the flesh, we are full of lust, self, and the old man. What darkness that is! Praise the Lord that when we are in the spirit we are full of light!

Jesus Christ the Lord is life to us. According to John 1:4, this life is the light of men. Therefore, when we have life, we have light. Moreover, when we have light, we are in the day. We thank the Lord that sovereignly He has brought us out of the folds into the pasture and out of night into day.