If I gained the world, but lost the Savior

If I gained the world, but lost the Savior,
Were my life worth living for a day?
Could my yearning heart find rest and comfort
In the things that soon must pass away?
If I gained the world, but lost the Savior,
Would my gain be worth the lifelong strife?
Are all earthly pleasures worth comparing
For a moment with a Christ-filled life?
Had I wealth and love in fullest measure,
And a name revered both far and near,
Yet no hope beyond, no harbor waiting,
Where my storm-tossed vessel I could steer;
If I gained the world, but lost the Savior,
Who endured the cross and died for me,
Could then all the world afford a refuge,
Whither, in my anguish, I might flee?
O what emptiness!—without the Savior
’Mid the sins and sorrows here below!
And eternity, how dark without Him!
Only night and tears and endless woe!
What, though I might live without the Savior,
When I come to die, how would it be?
O to face the valley’s gloom without Him!
And without Him all eternity!
O the joy of having all in Jesus!
What a balm the broken heart to heal!
Ne’er a sin so great, but He’ll forgive it,
Nor a sorrow that He does not feel!
If I have but Jesus, only Jesus,
Nothing else in all the world beside—
O then everything is mine in Jesus;
For my needs and more He will provide.
Venita Weed

Waterford, California, United States

My sister and I with anothe ladybin our church used to sing this in atrio, every time we did the Lord anointed it and so used it to bless the people but not only the conversation but us also, it so moved and blessed our hearts and life, t had not thought of it for years but the words started going over in my thoughts: 🎶🎵🎼♥️🥰❤️


New Jersey, United States

Lord, continue to remind me each day that everything in this world is temporary, but You are for eternity. Always keep me faithful to You, always help me choose You over the world because without You, life is meaningless. O Lord, always preserve me for You and You only!


Lubbock (and Vicinity), Texas, United States

Lord You’re more precious than all else!!


O the joy of having all in Jesus!

What a balm the broken heart to heal!

Julianne Ho Kia

Quezon City, Philippines

O Lord, nothing can compare to You! Thank you Lord that you are our everything and need nothing else in this world. What a life would have been without the Lord. A world with so much yet nothing can satisfy man. What would be the point of our lives without the Lord? Even a moment with You Lord is more enjoyable than a lifelong riches here on earth.


Winterton, Newfoundland, Canada

I remember hearing this song years ago and was so moved by the words. MY heart was so stirred. Today those words came back to me again and as I sit here and write this note, my heart again is wonderfully moved when I think about the love of Christ for me and how much I need Him every moment of the day. Life would not be worth living without Him!


Are all earthly pleasure worth comparing for a moment with a Christ filled life.

Sarah Anne

Ochtrup, North Rhein Westfalen, Germany

Wow, the words is so powerful, and shows so clearly what a life without Christ Jesus, would mean.

I could truly not live without the Saviour, Redeemer Friend.

The 3rd verse, has me crying, as imagine the emptyness, like walking in the desert, without water, shade, I imagine, without Jesus Christ, too scary to think about. Lord Jesus, I ask box me in, all my family too, so we can just be focused on You.

Eternity, is a loooonnnngggg time.

Jim DeLong

Mars Hill, NC, United States

What a song, what strong lyrics. Yet so gentle. Is anything worth a life without Jesus? Is anything worth causing my Savior such pain?

I remember this song sung beautifully by Sonny Liu.


Oklahoma City, Oklahoma, United States

This song presents the dichotomy of the choice all of us have everyday... The world or Christ! This song gently reminds me that there is only one choice... Only one cure for the emptiness in our storm-tossed souls... Our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ!!