I’ve wandered far away from God

I’ve wandered far away from God,
  Now I’m coming home;
The paths of sin too long I’ve trod,
  Lord, I’m coming home.
  Coming home, coming home,
  Nevermore to roam;
Open wide Thine arms of love;
    Lord, I’m coming home.
I’ve wasted many precious years,
  Now I’m coming home;
I now repent with bitter tears,
  Lord, I’m coming home.
I’m tired of sin and straying, Lord,
  Now I’m coming home;
I’ll trust Thy love, believe Thy word;
  Lord, I’m coming home.
My soul is sick, my heart is sore,
  Now I’m coming home;
My strength renew, my hope restore:
  Lord, I’m coming home.
My only hope, my only plea,
  Now I’m coming home;
That Jesus died, and died for me;
  Lord, I’m coming home.
I need His cleansing blood, I know,
  Now I’m coming home;
O wash me whiter than the snow;
  Lord, I’m coming home.
Pastor Ineh

Festac, Lagos, Nigeria

Powerful song...the Lord laid it in my heart to sing it and when I checked Google I came across it, tears running down my eyes.


Nairobi, Kenya

This happens to be my best song. So spiritual and influential. God bless the author of the song as the gospel reaches millions across the universe.

Jack Chipampa Chibwe

Mansa, Luapula, Zambia

It reminds of getting back to my Creator. This world offers me nothing. I may enjoy it today but tomorrow it is something else, lost in sin. When I hear or sing this song, I feel like the Holy Spirit is whispering to me, "you have wasted many precious years get back home." It showers me with an oportunity of dwelling and enjoying GOD's commandments. May this song bless you as well as you sing it with me.


Polokwane, Limpopo, South Africa

I sang this song when I was young...

Yet till this day everytime I do my spirit is lifted and my heart's at peace...😢😊

lemsham David

Bhopal, Arunachal Pradesh/Kolkata Pronvince, India

This songs made me believes that there is heaven..and one day sure I will be there with God.


Kampala, Uganda

Thanks; this song always remains me to confess and repent and then run home to my Father.

Rosemary Drainey

Lurgan, NI, United States


James Mbacha

Nairobi, KU, Kenya

This song is blessing to me as it reminds me of Jesus love for me whenever I find myself lost in sin. Glory to God forever and ever.

Eunice Garcia

New York, United States

Praise the Lord brother Roger Hsu! Welcome back home!!! May the Lord restore to you the lost years… Let's continue to enjoy Him!

Roger Hsu

Arcadia, CA, United States

After so many years Lord I'm coming home to Your Love! This is such a great blessing that You welcome us with open arms!