Christ has put on human nature

Roxanne Webber

Colorado Springs, Colorado, United States

This song is so full of energy!! I love the way it represents our vetrans and militia and how they fight. It is a great fight for freedom, and this song represents it fully!! This is such a wonderful piece!! Glory, Glory, Hallelujah!!

James Shau

Cupertino, CA, United States

Hallelujah for Christ is now my life!

With the recent speaking on the new man since last fall, I felt it maybe quite fitting to add a stanza 2 to this hymn:

2 Put off the old man with his lusts

and practices of deceit # Col. 3:9; Eph. 4:22; cf. Gal. 5:24

Put on the new man practicing

living the reality # Eph. 4:24

Calling on the name, Oh the sweetest,

and praying and singing

That we are living Christ!


Vict’ry! vict’ry! Hallelujah!

Vict’ry! vict’ry! Hallelujah!

Vict’ry! vict’ry! Hallelujah!

For Christ is *all in* all! # Col. 3:11


Because of the speaking on the new man in 2017 ITERO Leipzig, I had the feeling to pray read the verses on putting on the new man this morning. It turned out I was touched more by the verses above on putting off the old man (Eph. 4:22; Col. 3:9) and the related verses (Rom . 8:13; Gal. 5:24; Col. 3:5) especially with the practices of the old man / of the body. Putting off = put to death = crucify; by the Spirit ie. by turning to the spirit and enjoying the Spirit. Oh, we need the practices of the new man, replacing the practices of the old man! In addition to practices, also the passions and lusts of the flesh, which actually are “of the deceits” (Eph. 4:22). It is the enemy’s lies that we want this and that (lust for something not necessary sinful things but “all things practiced by our body apart from the Spirit” (Rom. 8:13 note 3 ) ), e. g. to relax to “wind down” by things apart from the Spirit.


Stanza 2 is to apply the accomplished fact of Christ in stanza 1 in our living through our exercise that His victory becomes our corporate victory and His riches/spoils become our all in experience. Such corporate God-man living, the reality of the Body of Christ, will fulfill God's eternal purpose and consummate the age (Matt. 24:14; 28:20).

Wendy :) Risso

United States

Yes mingling IS the way!!!

rExen catalan


Mingle, mingle, Hallelujah. 3x

Yes, mingling is the way.

Joseph Eddings

Berkeley, CA, U.S.A.

Glory Glory hallelujah! Glory Glory hallelujah! For Christ is now my life!

Jason Au

Toronto, ON, Canada

There's so much emotion involved. It's full of life and spirit.

We need to realize that if the Triune God had not been processed, He could not have an expression on this earth. About two thousand years ago, the Triune God became flesh (John 1:14). Hymns, #1017 says, "Christ has put on human nature and become a man like me,/He has died upon the cross that I from Adam might be free,/He has risen and as Spirit He has come to live in me/That He might be my life." After Christ comes into us as life, He begins to spread in us for His expression. Glory is God expressed.