This Is the Year of Jubilee

The Lord has given freedom
To all who just believe Him.
Be no longer enslaved.
Come now! Return to Jesus.
Receive the Life that frees us!
Call on Him and be saved.
  This is the year of jubilee!
Proclaim our liberty in Him!
Throughout the land we sound out:
The slaves have been returned to Him,
Released from toil, anxiety, and sin!
This is the year of jubilee!
Reclaim the land, our portion,
God as our rich possession.
Feast on Him ev’ry day!
Enjoy Him with God’s fam’ly;
Find satisfaction and peace.
Here forever to stay!
William Wong

Los Angeles, California, United States

Bless our year and take away our anxiety!!!!

Mallory Meade

Austin, TX, United States

The Lord is our freedom!


Frisco, Texas, United States

I love this song❤️

Amen this is the Year of Jubilee!!!!!!!!!


Cupertino, California, United States

Praise the Lord we're living in the jubilee!

Cliford Rabina

Manolo Fortich, Bukidnon, Philippines

Released from toil anxiety and sin



Valencia, Bukidnon, Philippines

Amen "every day is the year of jubilee".

Fengwei Bai

Amen this is the year of jubilee


Amen release the toil anxiety and sin!!!


Amen may we praise the Lord



Jesús ha liberado

A todos los que creen en Él.

No hay_esclativud.

Vida liberadora

Te da Jesús ahora.

Cláma_a_Él, salvo sé.

¡De jubileo este_año es!

¡Proclama libertad en Él!

Por la tierra anunciamos:

Pecado, cargas y ansiedad,

¡Ya no hay en Cristo; libre en_Él soy ya!

¡De jubileo este_año es!

Obtén la buena la tierra,

Dios nuestra rica posesión.

¡Festeja en Él!

Disfruta en Su familia,

Paz y satisfacción,

¡Aquí siempre_encontrarás!