O now I see the cleansing wave

O now I see the cleansing wave!
  The fountain deep and wide;
Jesus, my Lord, mighty to save,
  Points to His wounded side.
  The cleansing stream I see, I see;
I plunge, and O it cleanseth me!
O praise the Lord it cleanseth me!
  It cleanseth me, yes, cleanseth me.
I see the dear Redeemer raised,
  I hear the speaking blood;
It speaks! My spirit is amazed!
  And quickened by its flood.
I rise to walk in God’s own light
  Above the world and sin,
With heart renewed and garments white
  And Christ enthroned within.
Br.Jeff Hall

Church In Worcester, Massachusetts, United States

The Blood of Christ conquers everything, and satisfies the Spirit. Nothing is more powerful than the Blood of Christ!

When you are attacked by the evil one, you can withstand and destroy him by theWord of God and the Blood of Christ! Praise the Lord for the Precious Blood!


Austin, Texas, United States

The answer to what is it that the blood is speaking in stanza 2 is found in hymn 300, stanza 3.


Lagos, Nigeria

Thank you Lord Jesus for your blood that cleanses me... hallelujah... my heart is full with joy 🥰


Invercargill, New Zealand

10/10 nice song

Lilo Xu

Auckland, New Zealand

the precious blood of the Lord speaks better things, to God on behalf of us!!! oh Praise the Lord for His precious blood, for this cleansing stream !!


Lagos, Nigeria

Oh! Lord, Jesus: Amen! Lord I thank you for your death on the Cross. Thank you for your blood. May we daily plunge into the pool of this your precious, saving and cleansing blood. Hallelujah!!!

Joan R. Kelly

Ocala, FL, United States

O Lord. Amen,. Hallelujah He is bringing us into Glory and preparing His Bride. We want to be among the hundred and forty-four thousand!


Palm Bay, FL, United States

The blood of Jesus Christ still have power to cleanse us from all unrighteousness... what a wonderful gift... the blood of Jesus.

Philemon Kubo

Lae, Morobe, Papua New Guinea

Jesus, my Lord, mighty to save,

Points to His wounded side.

I plunge, and O it cleanseth me!

O praise the Lord it cleanseth me!

I'm blessed. what a great hymn.

Mallory J Meade

Austin, TX, United States

The cleansing stream I see, I see!

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