The Journeying Triune God

The Triune God has journeyed down to reach man;
The God who dwells in unseen light—a Man becomes!
Flesh and blood to partake,
In our form He came, all for our sake;
The Triune God,
Has journeyed down.
The Triune God has journeyed down to reach man;
A child born, our “Christ the Lord,” in Bethlehem!
Both divine and human,
The perfect God-man walks on the earth;
The Triune God
A Man became.
What love is this? Redemption shows its greatness!
Love manifest, God in the flesh dies for man’s sins,
Who can fathom this love?
God shed “His own blood” to purchase us;
The Triune God,
His love reached man.
Christ died and rose, the Spirit thus becoming!
As Spirit, now He spreads in our tripartite being!
Men of dust are made stones,
Built up as God’s home, His dwelling place!
The Triune God,
Has entered man.
God now transmits life bit by bit within man;
Now Christ and His redeemed can live and walk as one!
Thus His plan is fulfilled
His Body is built, organically;
The Triune God,
On earth expressed!
One day in fullness shall appear God’s glory,
Down out of heav’n from God—the holy city see!
God Himself is her light;
She’s glorious, bright, eternally!
The Triune God,
One with His bride!
James Jaudon

Elyria, OH.

The WORD: the 5 greatest historical things in the universe; He is the Creator of all things, He is the Incarnated God, He is unveiled as the LAMB, HE BECAME THE LIFE GIVING SPIRIT, revealing Himself to all of us as the LADDER to bridge the gap between heaven and earth; that the Economy of God can flow from His throne to reach and transform man into His image. Life Study of John: message one.