Lord, do unveil

Lord, do unveil
The more we strive, the more we fail
All the strife—they all come out to no avail.
Lord, they’re just not for your need
By “self”, we won’t succeed.
Lord, we confess
We are not able, Lord, unless
We have You; You’re all in all—You’re our success!
All we need, O Lord, is You
’Cause nothing else will do.
O Lord, we pray
Increase Thyself in us each day
And the “self”—decrease it ’til it’s done away.
Lord, we want the growth in life
We don’t want all the strife.
Lord, life’s begun
Two spirits mingled into one
Day by day, walk in the spirit and we’ve won!
Then the “self” will be decreased
And Christ in us increased.

Instrumental (Guitar)