Since Thy departure from Olivet’s Mountain

Since Thy departure from Olivet’s Mountain,
  Why is Thy coming again so delayed?
Thru the long years we have longed for Thy coming;
  Hast Thou not heard all the prayers that we’ve prayed?
  Come Thou, come now;
Lord, for Thy coming we yearn;
All our desire is Thy promised returning,
  Oh, may Thou quickly return.
Beloved Lord, since the year Thou ascended
  Everything here has been tasteless and dry;
Often in praying and often in watching,
  In every movement, for Thee, Lord, we sigh.
Scenes although lovely, yet when will we meet Thee?
  Birds and the flowers fair beauty embrace;
All are delightsome, but none satisfy me,
  For I am longing for Thy loving face.
Lord, we’re impatient awaiting Thy coming,
  We do not know how much longer ’twill be;
From every sunrise to every bright sunset
  Hope we each moment Thy coming to see.
Whene’er ’tis raining, or strong winds are blowing,
  Whene’er the moon shines, or rises the sea,
We ever hope to discover Thy coming;
  How disappointed when no sign of Thee!
If it were not for the bidding Thou gav’st us,
  We’d be discouraged, Thy service we’d shirk;
But Thou dost want us while waiting Thy coming,
  For Thee to live and in diligence work.
Oh Lord, remember the days have been lengthened
  Since Thou hast promised ere going away;
We hope and hope and are endlessly hoping,
  That Thou wilt come. Canst Thou come e’en today?

Copyright Living Stream Ministry. Used by permission.


Louisiana, United States

Oh Lord, remember the days have been lengthened since You have promised ere going away; we hope and hope and are endlessly hoping; that You will come.

Can You come even today?

Maria Nyberg


Come Thou, Come now, Lord for Thy coming we yearn!

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