With all the pow’r in heav’n and earth

We need to remember that in God's work, there is no such thing as sheer luck, no such thing as gaining without effort. Moreover, there is no guarantee that if we labor and endeavor, we will succeed. We must realize that we are engaged in spiritual warfare. We must fight and be watchful in everything we do and in every step we take. I hope that we would take this word. We have been called by the Lord in His grace to gather here and receive a burden. We must know that we need to struggle, fight, and take possession of every inch through prayer. The last line of Hymns, #892 says, "We should, we must, we can, we will, / Fulfill God's purpose faithfully." This should be our attitude. We should not listen to the lies from the authorities of darkness; instead, we should offer prayers to God in steadfast faith.