Keep the incense burning

“Keep the incense burning”
  On the altar fire;
Let thy heart’s petition,
  Let thy deep desire,
Be a cloud of incense
  Wreathing God’s own throne,
Till His will among us
  Shall be fully done.
“Keep the incense burning”
  On the altar fire;
Feed the flame, Lord Jesus,
  Till Thy whole desire
Shall in us, Thy children,
  Find free course, and be
Breathed through lips anointed
  For this ministry.
“Keep the incense burning”
  Though thy faith be weak;
Though in words thou canst not
  All thy longing speak;
Silent heart-petitions,
  Spirit-taught, will be
Gloriously answered;
  Wrought by God for thee.
“Keep the incense burning,”
  Hourly let it rise,
Till from opened heavens,
  Till from flame-swept skies,
Fire shall fall and kindle
  All hearts to a flame;
Making us a glory
  To our Savior’s name.
Benjamin Baer

Brampton, Ontario

We're singing this at the prayer meeting right now.

"Oh Lord Jesus Keep the incense burning throughout this time, throughout our week, so that we can always be burning in spirit for you and for the Saints!

-Greetings from the Church in Brampton.

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