Lord, we meet to seek Thy face

Lord, we meet to seek Thy face
And in one accord to pray;
We a holy priesthood are,
Waiting on Thee here today.
  Here together we would pray,
Touch the highest and the best,
Till our spirits mingled are
  And Thy Church is built and blest.
As true priests we long to be,
With our spirit sense Thy will,
Thus to serve before Thee here
That Thy plan Thou may fulfill.
To the holiest place we come,
Now to touch Thy throne of grace,
By the inner sense to pray
And Thy Spirit’s flow to trace.
From Thy throne of grace to me
Rivers of Thy grace proceed;
Thus my spirit is refreshed,
Helping me in time of need.
May our prayers expression give
To Thy Spirit’s mind alone;
Praying not by our desire,
But according to Thine own.
Though with temporal matters pressed,
Which we fain would bring to Thee,
Rather than Thy care to seek,
We would here Thy channel be.
Here we seek Thy list’ning ear
May Thy living water flow;
When Thy grace does satisfy,
Only then Thy work we’ll know.

Copyright Living Stream Ministry. Used by permission.

H. Gantz

Georgetown, TX, United States

Lord we love You and thank You for Your marvelous and rich supply to Your Body and for these songs we may sing to praise and worship You day by day.

Sandra Suárez

Salinas, Santa Elena, Ecuador

Qué dulce melodía que nos introduce en una atmósfera divina para alabar a Dios en espíritu.

Tabitha Jesto

Davao, Davao Del Sur, Philippines

Amen. This hymn usher me to love our Lord Jesus Christ more.

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