God’s intention is to have us


Manukau, New Zealand

Amen Lord, transform us to Thine image, In emotion, mind, and will;

Saturate us with Thy Spirit, All our being wholly fill.


Auckland, New Zealand

The Lord will saturate our mind emotion and will!


Lord carry out your transformation work within us daily. May our emotion, mind, and will be fully saturated with you.


Auckland, New Zealand

Saturate us with Thy Spirit! Fill our whole being!


Auckland, New Zealand

Romans 8:29 - Because those whom He foreknew, He also predestinated to be conformed to the image of His Son, that He might be the Firstborn among many brothers.

We have been predestinated to be conformed to the image of Christ! Lord Jesus, may we cooperate with Your saturating and transforming work in us. Conform us to Your image that we would express You!

Lilo Xu

Auckland, New Zealand

Lord, we want You to spread into our mind, emotion and will. Lord we allow You to come into every part, corner of our being, so we can be transformed and conformed to Your image, for Your expression and glory.

Damin Lee

New Zealand

Lord saturate us with Thy Spirit! Keep us transforming into Thine image! Amen.

Zion Jia Eng Su

Auckland, New Zealand

Amen, Lord do transform us into Thine image! Give us this willingness for You to saturate us!

Joy Chung

Little Neck, New York, United States

Amen! We keep coming to You. We are willing to be transformed for the eternity, the New Jerusalem!

Wenjun Zhou

Millbrae, CA, United States

He must transform us further, in our soul by His own life.

Much of what I have spoken and written since 1963 has been concerning the eight sections of God's organic salvation. For example, regarding Christ, Hymns, #501 says, "All things of the Father are Thine; / All Thou art in Spirit is mine; / The Spirit makes Thee real to me, / That Thou experienced might be." All that the Father has is the Son's, and all that the Son possesses is in the Spirit, who brings everything into us so that it becomes real to us for our experience. Hymns, #750 concerns transformation. It is brief, dear, and to the point. We have seen these things in the past but never as completely and wholly as we do now. The Lord has given us a complete picture of what He is doing.

The Lord also promised the faithful ones at Pergamos that He would give them a white stone on which a new name is written (Rev. 2:17). If we do not follow the worldly church but enjoy the Lord in the proper church life, we will be transformed into stones for the building of God. There are millions of Christians today, but it is difficult to see any one of them built up together with others. We are not built up with others because we all have our peculiar traits. This is why there are many separations and divorces among husbands and wives. The husband and wife cannot be built up together because of their peculiar traits.

In like manner, we cannot be built up together in the church life because of our peculiarities. We all have our particular, peculiar traits. This is why we need to be transformed. It would be helpful for us to sing the following hymn (Hymns, #750) on transformation with our heart and with our spirit.


We need such transformation. Then we will no longer be natural, and we will be able to be built up together. God desires a house, not individual pieces of material. God wants all the individual material to be built together to be His house, to be His Body. Therefore, today our urgent need is to be transformed.

Before we were saved, we were merely physical beings in a physical world, but one day Jesus visited us privately in a spiritual way. We received Him and He regenerated us privately, secretly, and spiritually with God's divine life. From that day we became spiritual, but just partially, in our spirit. The rest of our entire being still remained untransformed in the physical world. Stanza 2 of Hymns, #750 says: 'God hath us regenerated / In our spirit with His life; / But He must transform us further—/ In our soul by His own life.' After regeneration God works to transform our untransformed part, our soul.

Romans 12:2 says that we are to be transformed by the renewing of our mind. The mind is the main part of our soul. The second part is the emotion, and the third is the will. To transform us is to metabolically change our soul. Verse 2 and the chorus of hymn #750 (Hymns) say:

God hath us regenerated

In our spirit with His life;

But He must transform us further—

In our soul by His own life.

Lord, transform us to Thine image

In emotion, mind, and will;

Saturate us with Thy Spirit,

All our being wholly fill.

First, God regenerated us and now He is transforming us by the renewing of our mind, emotion, and will.