The law of letters God defines

The law of letters God defines,
It is His testimony true;
It shows how loving, holy, just,
Is God, with whom we have to do.
According to His nature shown
God’s law requires that we must live,
That He our souls may justify
And unto us His blessing give.
The law can never give us life,
Nor any strength to us supply,
But doth its full demands exact
And all our weakness show thereby.
It was not for God’s final plan,
But for man’s sin was introduced,
That man by breaking it might know
Himself, his sin to him adduced.
’Tis by the law all mouths are stopped
And all are shut up under sin;
It brings us to the Christ of God
That God may bless us all in Him.
The law is but a type of Christ,
Who God’s full testimony is,
Who fully has expressed His love,
His holiness and righteousness.
’Tis Christ, God’s testimony real,
Who doth with life divine supply,
That with the law’s demands we may
Be more than able to comply.
God’s living testimony, He;
By whom God’s potent life we share;
Thru Him we’re dead unto the law,
And in His Spirit fruit we bear.

Copyright Living Stream Ministry. Used by permission.