In my spirit, I can see You as You are

In my spirit, I can see You as You are.
You’re the Alpha, Omega, the Bright and Morning Star.
Here You’ll stay, just as a flow within
To occupy my heart and spread Your life within,
In my spirit! You’re all in all to me.
  In my spirit is the key,
No longer need I worry right or wrong;
In the church, reality—
Rooted, grounded in Your plan
   where I belong.
In my spirit, I can see You in the church;
It’s Your heart’s desire, for it a people You will search.
Here I’ll stay, within Your perfect will,
Built up into a home, Your glory here to fill.
In the church! I must no longer roam.
In Your purpose, we just flow along in life.
It’s so simple, no more unrest and strife.
In the churches, we just enjoy You, Lord.
Here You can build us up, for we’re in one accord;
In the churches—we know You’ll be back soon.
(Repeat chorus and second verse)
Maurice Ward

Columbus, Ohio, United States

Ephesians 3:17

That Christ may make His home in your hearts through faith, that you, having been rooted and grounded in love

The fact that Christ is making His home in our heart implies that He is indeed in us already. Where is He? In our spirit! I was touched to just see that He is here to stay and He is determined to spread.

Verse 22 in chapter says that we are a dwelling place of God in spirit but for our growth in life (rooted) and for God's building we must be grounded. We have to begin in our spirit and with the Lord allow Him to make His home in us.


It was for this purpose the Father’s eternal plan of salvation. Our Lord was crucified, resurrection and accession to become the life giving Spirit and now His Spirit is in us who believe in Him.

Praise The Lord!

C. Taylor

Forth Worth, Texas, United States

"Within us there is a refuge. This refuge is our spirit. We need to turn from our mind to our spirit. Then we are safeguarded, hidden, and concealed from any attack. It is in our spirit that we will be renewed"

From Witness Lee, Being renewed day by day.


Los Teques, Miranda, Venezuela

Es muy bonita la letra y la melodía. Los saludan desde Jerusalén