Precious promise God doth give thee

Precious promise God doth give thee,
  Thou, the weary passerby,
On the way from earth to glory:
  “I will guide thee with Mine eye.”
  I will guide thee, I will guide thee,
  I will guide thee with Mine eye;
On the way from earth to glory,
    I will guide thee with Mine eye.
When temptations fierce assail thee,
  When thy trusted helpers fly,
Let this promise ring within thee,
  “I will guide thee with Mine eye.”
When thy secret hopes have perished
  In the grave of years gone by,
Let this promise still be cherished,
  “I will guide thee with Mine eye.”
When the shades of life are falling,
  And the hour has come to die,
Hear thy faithful Pilot calling,
  “I will guide thee with Mine eye.”
Ray Chen

Austin, Texas, United States

When I pray for my sermon this morning, the song by Philip Bliss comes up. I will solo this song which in the sermon and then as an altar call song. Many prophetic words God given in these days are through hymns!


Pearland, TX, United States

Every time I read through Psalm 32, especially verse 8, I am reminded of this hymn. I sang it as a youth in a duet. It never leaves me. I just needed to see all the verses again today. I am 75 now and it still rings true. Thanks be to God for all His goodness and his Blessings.

John Fredrick

Eket, Akwa Ibom, Nigeria

Oh! God make me to understand that you're always with me despite my sinful nature

Dr Nkechi

Benin City, Edo, Nigeria

Very interesting and encouraging

Worlasi William

Osu, Accra, Ghana

The greatest God, let our faith grow deep in you Lord

Victor Akanno

Cape Town, Western Cape, South Africa

What an assurance from God, who by two immutable things cannot lie.

Frank Collins Nehemiah

Lagos, Nigeria

Encouraging nd Amazingly, I bless the name of the Lord for his promises that never fail

Osazuwa Daniels

Benin City, Nigeria

Awesome and wholesome.... always a source of assurance of God’s presence and willingness to hold and comfort us... a sure hold in distress

Kalu Onwuchekwa

Asaba, Delta, Nigeria

Great hymns, inspiring.

Uchechukwu Umunna Timothy

Alaba, Lagos, Nigeria

Hymn of immense hope and encouragement with surety of God’s protection.