We praise Thee, Lord, We’ve seen Thy purpose

We praise Thee, Lord, We’ve seen Thy purpose
To build Thy house on earth today.
This is our cry: “O Lord, do take us;
Build us together in Thy way.”
Thine answer comes so swift and certain:
“To build My house, this you must know:
Your self-life must be terminated:
Upon the altar you must go.”
In fear, O Lord, at first we shudder
To face a judgment so complete,
But as we’re daily drawn to Thee, Lord,
No cost’s too high, no death’s too deep.
To have Thy house, yes, we must die, Lord,
That Thou may be our all in all.
Thus we will know Thy full supply, Lord,
And Thou wilt be the building’s wall.
We give ourselves for Thy great purpose;
We’re for Thy house, whate’er it means.
Our life, our all, we give to You, Lord;
A sacrifice, poured out, unseen.
Consume us, Lord, upon Thine altar;
Bring us to ashes thoroughly.
That from our offering Thy life’s sweet savor
May ever rise in praise to Thee.