Eternal Light! Eternal Light

Eternal Light! Eternal Light!
  How pure the soul must be
When, placed within Thy searching sight,
It shrinks not, but with calm delight
  Can live and look on Thee.
The spirits that surround Thy throne
  May bear the burning bliss;
But that is surely theirs alone,
Since they have never, never known
  A fallen world like this.
Oh, how shall I, whose native sphere
  Is dark, whose mind is dim,
Before th’ Ineffable appear,
And on my natural spirit bear
  The uncreated beam?
There is a way for man to rise
  To Thee, sublime Abode;
An Offering and a Sacrifice,
A Holy Spirit’s energies,
  An Advocate with God:
These, these prepare us for the sight
  Of holiness above;
The sons of ignorance and night
May dwell in the eternal Light,
  Through the eternal Love.

City Of Santiago, Region II - ISABELA, Philippines

Studying Revelations 5, Ican't but worship the Lamb, for me, this song fits perfectly to what I want to say to my God and my Savior.

R. Fields

This hymn was quoted by Sinclair Ferguson in his teaching at the memorial service for RC Sproul on Dec. 20, 2017 and referencing RC's great respect and awe at the holiness of God as taught by Isaiah in the 6th chapter. The service can be seen again at RC Wondrous.



I can't wait as a created one to be there in the uncreated sphere.

Steve Miller

Detroit, MI, United States

Born in England, son of Presbyterian parents, he became a minister and writer. He attacked the established church and was one of the 1st Nonconformists to improve hymn singing in their gatherings.

Of all his poems, only this one has remained. - Songs of the Spirit by Martin


San Jose, Ca, United States

Beautiful... "through eternal love". The sacrifice God provided makes us able to abide in the "uncreated" light. Blessings.