I thank Thee, Lord, that Thou hast shown

I thank Thee, Lord, that Thou hast shown,
  And I begin to see,
What Thou canst be to all Thine own,
  What they may be to Thee;
If only they will yield Thee all,
And trustingly obey Thy call.
How wonderful! I never knew
  That I might trust Thee so;
That Thou wouldst be so much to me.
  In all the way I go,
That every need Thou wouldst supply.
And all my longings satisfy.
I take Thee as my keeper now
  And I commit to Thee
My soul, my way, my works, my cause.
  In Thy sole charge to be;
And my deposit, Thou, I know
Wilt guard secure from every foe.
I take Thee for my peace, O Lord.
  My heart to keep and fill
Thine own great calm, amid earth’s storms
  Shall keep me always still;
And as Thy kingdom doth increase,
So shall Thine ever-deep’ning peace.
I take Thee as my wisdom too
  For wisdom’s sum Thou art;
Thou, who dost choose the foolish things.
  Set me henceforth apart,
That I may speak and work for Thee
As Thou shalt work and speak in me.
I take Thee, Lord, to be my all.
  Since all Thou art is mine;
I nothing have, and nothing am;
  That nothing, Lord, is Thine.
Thou shalt be everything to me
In all things my sufficiency.

this song should be heard every were it's just so great



I was looking for a praising song to sing I don't know how I found this but it says everything I could ever want to say to the Lord, I read this as bu baptism song, Jesus is all I am nothing without the Lord, he is wonderful and I thank God he sent him for our salvation I take him for my all, he is enough for me.


United States

This songwriter grasped the reality of being alive to God in Christ Jesus. She had the spiritual intelligence to put off the old self and put on Christ. It wasn't just a doctrinal matter, but a practice of actually knowing His life in her and allowing that life to sprout into fullness.

Sandra Ellis

Mornington, Vic, Australia

I first heard this great hymn over 25 years ago at bible college.

It's grateful and the Words sink into brain for the day.


Baton Rouge, Louisiana, United States

We sang this song 5 times at the Lord’s table. Each verse touched us so much. We just take the Lord as our all.

Joe Chun

Arcadia, California, United States

Thank the Lord! What a relief! JESUS IS and I am not and I am nothing! Jesus is the I AM!!! Praise Jesus!

Glory Jung

Anaheim, California, United States

Lord, You are, I am not.


Cachoeirinha, Rio Grande Do Sul, Brazil

I nothing have and nothing am, that nothing, Lord, is Thine.


Enschede, Netherlands

Lord Jesus, You are my all. Without You I am nothing and I have nothing. You are my everything and my existence is for Your divine and eternal purpose.