In spirit and reality

In spirit and reality
We meet to worship Thee,
And every principality
Must fall down or must flee.
  Reality, reality,
  O what a joy to see,
  That Christ may be enjoyed by us
  As our reality.
A Person, Thou hast come in us,
Into our spirit now,
And quickened us until we know
Our inner man art Thou.
  O praise Thee, Lord, we sense Thee thus,
  Forever inwardly;
  Thy Person in each one of us
  Is our reality.
And now the corporate life we live—
Christ in His Body known;
Where every portion adds more Christ,
Until the whole is shown.
  O Hallelujah, one new man!
  Our portions blend as one;
  In one accord, express the Lord,
  And He will quickly come.
Joanna Smathers

Baton Rouge, LA, United States

Every principality must fall down or flee; Thy person in each one of us is our reality; Every portion adds more Christ.

In private time this morning this song was easy to sing to a made up tune.

Anna Chen

Denton, TX

O what a joy to see, that Christ may be enjoyed by us !

Hallelujah! For the one New Man!